This is another varient of the popular 1 1/4" belt. The difference is that instead of the high quality veg-tanned leather being hand-dyed by me, I buy it dyed and pre-finished.


At the moment, these belts are available in Chestnut only.


They have solid brass buckles, a 3.5mm/9 oz strap with beveled and burnished edges. The buckle is held on by four high quality brass plated rivets. This belt comes with one keeper pre-attached, and a sliding keeper available as an extra option.

In order to work out your belt size, measure from the tip of the buckle, on your favourite belt, to the hole you currently use. I will then punch the centre hole to that distance, however you get 3" leeway either side with the total of nine holes.

The price of the leather needed to produce a belt size longer than 47" means that it is not economical to keep it in stock at all times. Therefore, if you want a belt longer than this, make an inquiry on the custom order page, and I will see what I can do.

The prices are as follows:


20" to 30": £25

30" to 40": £30

40" to 47": £35


(P+P included)


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