This Briefcase took approximately 35 hours to create, as all the stitching was done by hand with black waxed 'Tiger' thread, and the flap was fully lined with bound edges. The leather used on the exterior was a tanned in England, full grain, vegetable tanned, 2.2mm  pre-finished bridle leather. For the lining on the inside, I used full grain, vegetable tanned, 1.2mm naturally finished cowhide.

The Handle is attached with two 1 1/4" solid brass loops, and the flap is held down with two straps leading to fully keepered solid brass buckles. Although not visible on the pictures, there is a D-ring on either side for attaching a shoulder strap (if needed).

I also added a few handy pockets inside the bag, such as a pen holder and a slip at the back for papers/tablets etc.

Here are a few more photographs.

If you would like me to make you a briefcase, do fill in a custom order form. Most colours of leather and thread and finishes of fittings can be sourced for your briefcase.

Please, however, do bear in mind the following:

Because of the huge amount of raw material involved in large items, a 50% deposit is required on any briefcase order. Also the amount of time and effort in these briefcases is considerable, so a lead time of more than three months can be expected.

Having said all that, because of the superior workmanship involved, one of my briefcases will last for a long, long time. When taken into account with the high costs of upmarket factory produced briefcases, and also the customisable nature of my cases, the prices work out very reasonably. As a rough guideline, A4 sized simple cases start at around £350. As a briefcase becomes larger and more complicated, the price goes up considerably.

This is my website for handmade custom leather goods.

Please note, I am not taking orders at the minute due to other commitments