Harp Leathercraft

I have began to make some very innovation solutions for harpists. The first item of this new range includes strummers for playing glissando without shredding one's fingers, do take a look here. On this page are multi purpose tuning key cases, which whilst being stronger than normal Salvi type cases due to the hand stitching used throughout, will carry pencils, rings, watches and other items.


All these items have been developed and tested in conjunction with professional harpists and have already been used in live orchestral performances to great effect. If you have an idea about a leathercrafted solution for any type of music, please don't hesitate to contact me through  the custom orders form.

More information and pictures will be posted soon.

This is my website for handmade custom leather goods.

Please note, I am not taking orders at the minute due to other commitments