Harp Tuning Key Cases

N.B. To anyone buying a T-style tuner key case, please remember that the cases are intended to fit plastic/rubber handled keys - they will quite possibly not fit ones with wooden handles. Do check with me if you are unsure. (My patterns are too small for some keys)

These tuning key cases are hand crafted from vegetable tanned leather, various thicknesses are used in different areas, They are available in black, natural hide, mahogany (all above), chocolate brown and saddle tan (not shown). The cases above and directly below this text box are for standard t-tuning keys, further down for professional long tuners. All of my cases will take at least one medium sized ring, one pencil, and a medium sized watch (longer watch loops available on request.) Closure is achieved by a line-24 nickel plated press stud over the top of the key.

The case is attached onto the harp via a Velcro and leather strap assembly that loops securely round through the slots in the back of the soundboard. For reference these cases are designed around a Lyon and Healy style 23, the overall length of the strap is 29.5cm. Longer straps can be made by request.

The above picture shows the professional tuning key case, the only difference is one of the ring pockets is removed to fit the lengthened key, if two ring pockets are required, I can make either a very big one or put one on top of the other.

Price list:


Professional tuning key case- £30

T-tuning key case- £30


For extra options, please ask.

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