It is often said, "Quality rather than quantity." That is what I try to do. By buying one of my products, you can be sure that they will work! Here are four differences between my products and others that I have thought of:


1. Leather quality. Here at Snow Leopard Leatherworks I use only the best 3.5mm vegetable tanned British and American leather for all my sheaths and belts. These hides are soaked in vegetable tannin for up to a year, having been dehaired and cured. When the hides come out of the vats, all the natural oils have been taken out of the leather, therefore natural oils are added to preserve suppleness. For smaller items like harp strummers, wallets, small pouches, and bookmarks, hand-picked chrome tanned leather from Pittards is used.


2. Buckle quality. The buckles I use are solid brass from our supplier in the North of England. Brass is the best choice for buckles, as it can be brought to a high polish, and it doesn't rust. My brass buckles can be polished with ordinary brass polish to bring them up to a superior shine.


3. Thread quality. The thread I use is a braided polyester, hand waxed by me with pure beeswax. It has an exceptionally high breaking point. All of my products are hand-stitched with this thread.


4. Dye quality. The dye I use on natural vegetable tanned leather is Fiebing's Professional Oil Dye, which is the best I have found, especially as it does not leave surface pigment and gives even coverage. There are cheaper dyes, but I am committed to using the most outstanding.






This is my website for handmade custom leather goods.

Please note, I am not taking orders at the minute due to other commitments